Living Light Candles

Living Light Candles was established in 1997 by owner Cynthia Baur in the Golden Bay area of New Zealand’s South Island. Starting out in a shed on the owners property, Living Light candles is now based in the township of Takaka, exports all around the world and produces more than 400,000 candles each year. Nonetheless, every candle is still completely original and handcrafted to perfection. Living Light Candles are also made sustainably from natural wax and fragrances that are biodegradable and burn carbon free. Living Light Candles are beautifully designed and made to reflect the company’s core principles and the land from which they come from. 

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Round Candles
Orb Candle RangeBeautifully fragranced these stylish glowing silhouettes of translucent colour create arty elegance for any decor.This...
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