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M & R Essentials was set up in 2009 by two pharmacists dedicated and passionate about preventative medicine and leading holistic organic lifestyles. M & R Essentials believes that the future of medicine lies in preventative health; therefore they have created a range of 100% natural and certified organic Tonics, Oils and Skincare solutions. M & R Essentials is eco-conscious and active in environmentalism, they are a proud member of SAFE, New Zealand’s second largest animal’s advocacy organisation, which prevents cruelty and genetic engineering to animals. They are also members of Soil & Health Association of New Zealand and Australia, which works hard towards building nutrients back into the soil, to enable better health through natural plant life and vegetation.   


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M&R Essential - Certified Organic  Jojoba Oil - 200ml
Reviving natural oil!Jojoba Oil is a waxy liquid extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. It contains fatty acids, essential...
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