In 1991 Possumdown became the first company for more than a century to introduce a new natural fibre. Their innovative material blended together the natural fibres of Possum fur and superfine Merino wool. This combined the luxurious softness of Possum fur with the durability of Merino wool. The possum is considered a pest in New Zealand and chews threw tons of our native forests each year. Thankfully their furs are delicately soft and incredibly warm, making them highly sought after. This has helped to reduce the population of possums and their environmental impact. Possumdown only uses hand plucked possum fur to select the strongest and cleanest furs that are also more resistant to pilling. This is then blended with superfine New Zealand merino wool to create a hardy and softly luxurious product. Tests have shown that Possumdown has superior anti-pilling qualities and wears better than many cashmere and Merino wool clothing.

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