Kiwi Afloat - Doris Coppell

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A funny and enchanting account of an extraordinary life.

If you are searching for some faraway indistinct star, it might ? just might ? come within your grasp one sultry summer’s evening, when the heavens curve low over a shimmering English canal. Who knows??

Doris Coppell is an 82 year-old Auckland native who’s spent a lifetime in love with the water. Almost twenty of those years were spent exploring the English canals. This odyssey began in 1970, when Doris and her husband, Alec, realized their shared ambition.

What followed for Doris was remarkable adventure ? hilarious situations, colourful characters and beautiful settings.

Kiwi Afloat is a testament to Doris? extraordinary obsession. Beautifully written, this book is a wonderful yarn for anyone with an adventuring spirit.

ISBN: 0476009820

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