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Collagen also known as ossein, is one of the body’s most abundant proteins. Each day the body produces collagen as the main material that holds the structure of the body together. Collagen provides the body with resilience, texture and shape for our skin, cartilage, bone and connective tissue.

Collagen is an insoluble fibrous glycoprotein that is found within the human body. It forms the basis of all fibrous connective tissues and is the most abundant protein in the body. Due to its tensile strength, it is an essential component located throughout the cardiovascular, immune, skin (integumentary), excretory and musculoskeletal systems of the body.

Our skin is 75% collagen, so it’s no wonder that it is the primary ingredient in most anti-aging and beauty products. Collagen is also main ingredient in most dental, orthopaedic, and surgical purposes, including cosmetic and burns surgery. These collagens may be derived from bovine, equine or porcine sources.


Collagen (“kola” in Greek) means "glue producer". This results from the early process of boiling horse and other animal skins and sinews to obtain glue. Collagen glue dates back over 4000 years ago as it was used by the Egyptians.


  • Drinks
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Beauty Creams


  • Collagen is a component of teeth
  • Bones contain 40% of the body's total collagen
  • Copper is essential for the formation of collagen
  • Collagen inhibits the spread of some forms of cancer
  • Collagen is a complex molecule that contains 16,000 atoms
  • Collagen is an essential component in the tiny filters within the kidneys
  • The body’s endogenous Collagen production peaks at 3 am each morning
  • The most common genetic disease associated with collagen defects is osteo-genesis imperfecta or "brittle bone disease"

After the age of 20years old, collagen levels start to decrease at a rate of 1% every year, and by the age of 40, your body has stopped manufacturing collagen altogether.


Collagen products may be beneficial for:

  • Strength of all bodily structures
  • Increased efficiency of body repair


Collagen can be beneficial for:

  • Weight Loss
  • Pain Relief
  • Stronger Hair
  • Smoother skin
  • Joint Mobility
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Improved sleep
  • Wound Healing
  • Nail Strength and Growth
  • Reduced wrinkle appearance


  • Collagen is initially produced as Preprocollagen. 
  • Preprocollagen is transported and converted to Procollagen.
  • Procollagen is hydroxylated, glycosylated, wound into a helix and transported again, after which it is clipped into Collagen molecules, assembled into Collagen fibres and cross-linked into its final form.

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