Ian Blackwell

Ian Blackwell is a New Zealand company and produces of a range of unique New Zealand themed wooden gifts and souvenirs. Ian Blackwell is named after its founder, who, along with his wife Kitty, design and market their products from the family home in Auckland’s West Coast. Most of Ian Blackwell’s products are made from kiln dried New Zealand native Rimu veneer and finished with organic citrus based oil. Rimu is unique because no two pieces of timber has the same grain and tone in colour. This gives each product made from this special New Zealand wood its own distinct personality and character. Every piece is finished carefully and personally by hand to ensure that only the best and most elegant products leaves the production line. 

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precious things jewellery box
Deluxe jewellery box!The Ian Blackwell Precious Things Jewellery Box is the storage solution that you’ve been looking for! This...
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