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McDonald New Zealand is a proud family owned Possum and Merino Knitwear company from New Zealand. The style, design and production of possum and merino products from McDonald follow a tried and true process that has been established by years of experience from a renowned New Zealand company. McDonald uses natural and quality materials and combines this with robust design, production and style to create an assemblage of knitwear products that are good on looks and durability. As McDonald products incorporate luxurious possum fur in their products, by buying McDonald knitwear you are contributing to preserving New Zealand’s native forests. The possum was introduced to New Zealand from Australia and is a serious ecological threat as it chews through tons of our beautiful forests each year. These are just some of the reasons why you should choose a McDonald knitwear when you are looking for warm, premium quality clothing and accessories. 


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A scrumptious blend of two of nature’s most remarkable fibers, New Zealand Forest Fur and pure New Zealand lambswool. McDonald New...
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