Tahi Jewelry

Tahi Jewellery is the work of leading Maori artist and bone carver, Kerry Thompson. Kerry Thompson has been carving for over twenty five years, creating a collection of Maori Jewellery that has become easily recognisable by casual wearers and collectors both locally and internationally. Tahi Jewellery draws inspiration from centuries of Maori jewellery design and mythology to craft a range of distinctive pieces that blend traditional Maori art and beliefs with contemporary design. Tahi Jewellery incorporates intricate and symbolic Maori patterns such as the Koru (new beginnings) and fish hook (strength). The Tahi Jewellery range is not your ordinary fashion accessory; it possesses symbolism and tribal elements that would make it the perfect meaningful gift. 

whanau silver pendant
Keep Them Close with a Family PendantThis stunning silver pendant by Tahi Jewelry draws upon traditional Maori designs to create something...
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