Framed Greenstone 3 Pieces - Dale Borland

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The Koru, the Twist (Pikorua), and the Fish Hook (Matau). Three of the most iconic of Maori symbols, each giving a distinct and unique meaning to form a whole.

The rebirth, the Koru, representing new beginnings in life, the Twist, representing the eternal love between loved ones, and lastly but definitely not least, the Fish Hook, representing prosperity, growth, and safe passage across water.Together they form a powerful message, with many interpretations, each unique to you and your life.

The beauty of Maori design captured in one stunning piece, this framed piece made of top quality Greenstone of New Zealand will be sure to capture the attention of your visitors and family, with meanings specific to each and every one of you.

It could mean the rebirth of eternal love in great prosperity, it could mean eternal love reborn in prosperity, prosperity and eternal love reborn!Make it your own and showcase the beauty of NZ Pounamu (Greenstone) to all your friends and family! 

SIZE:                     Frame Measurements: 125mm x 195mm

Twist: 24mm.

Koru: 24mm

Hook: 30mm


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