Large Circular Tui Panel - Tantrum Design

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Add the Final Touch to Your Home with Bird Art

Bird decor is always in style so choose bird items with a difference. The Tui is one of the best loved native New Zealand birds, and one of the few that has thrived in modern New Zealand. The Tui bird is a common sight feeding from the flowering plants in suburban gardens and is rightly famous for its stunning voice and for its unique plumage. The iridescent Tui looks black in most lights and has a tuft of white feathers at its throat, which earned it the old name of Parson Bird.

This panel from Tantrum Design shows a Tui bird perched on a branch. Incorporated into the design are Maori designs based on Tukutuku panels and the Tui’s favorite food, flowering flax.

This stunning Tui Panel will look great in any home. The mixture of recognizable images – both modern and traditional – is the perfect compromise between modern art and the art you want to display in your home.



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