Framed New Zealand Map Paua - Dale Borland

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Capture the essence of the oceans bountiful beauty, representing the land of Aotearoa (New Zealand) with this gorgeous Paua map of New Zealand.

Stretching across the landscape of mountains, rivers, volcanoes, forests and beaches, the natural beauty of New Zealand is perfectly reflected in the beauty of Paua’s brilliantly vibrant presence.

In Maori myth, it’s told that the legendary Maui, hauled up the North Island of New Zealand from the depths of the ocean.

His Waka (boat) is considered to be the South Island. Paua from the shores of New Zealand represents the beauty of the land and the mystical origins of these islands heritage, a fantastic ornamental display of New Zealand culture and history.

Approx. Measurements:  275mm x 225mm

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