Cake Stand Pohutukawa - Small - Bob Steiner

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Present you baking skills with this lovely cake stand


Bob Steiner’s ceramics are inspired by his love for anything New Zealand. Bob sees his surroundings as part and parcel with his pottery and shows this by using plants, animals, and cultural emblems/ motifs on the majority of his creations. Bob is lucky enough to live in Auckland, New Zealand – a place where you can reach nature in a very short time. The diverse species of plants and animals found in New Zealand give Bob’s emblems a unique touch on the world stage as most of New Zealand's wildlife is endemic.

This cake stand is decorated with the New Zealand Christmas tree (Pohutukawa) aptly named for it’s vibrant red flowers during summer. Local Maori terms for the tree translate as ‘chief’ due to its propensity to grow on steep cliffs and coastal headlands.

For more lovely work by Bob please click here.

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