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A Kiwi icon!

The Kiwi is an iconic and one of the most easily recognised birds of New Zealand. It has become the unofficial symbol of New Zealand and New Zealanders often refer to themselves as ‘kiwis’.

Splashy celebrates this national symbol with their ceramic Kiwi bird. It is made according to Splashy’s time tested methods and hand painted by their team of talented artists. The artists use a special paint made according to a secret recipe that gives their works a distinctively bright tone.

How the Splashy Ceramic Kiwi is made:

  • A mould if filled with soft clay and allowed to set
  • As it hardens the clay is fettled lightly with a damp sponge
  • It is left to harden until it is considered ‘greenware’ and can be physically handled
  • The greenware is then blasted in a bisque kiln for six to seven hours at 900 degrees Celsius
  • Splashy artists then apply their secret paint to the product
  • It is then blasted again in the bisque kiln
  • This is follower by further blasting in the glazing kiln at 1160 degress Celsius
  • The finished product is then inspected for defects

Display this cute ceramic Kiwi in your home or garden to add a unique New Zealand character.

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