Ceramic Pohutukawa Jug – Bob Steiner

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1.65 kg


32 cm

Serve wine or your most valued beverage with this long neck jug

Bob Steiner- a well regarded ceramic artist from Auckland, New Zealand takes his passion to another level by presenting tasteful/functional art which reflects his love for New Zealand nature. Inspired by local plants and animals – many of them endemic, he captures the true nature of the New Zealand environment and the impact it has on the local people. This attention to nature is what helps New Zealand stay realtively clean and pure.

This wonderful art piece is fully functional and when not in use it is a great mantelpiece exibit. Furthemore this jug comes in six colours to suit any décor you may already have which are all along the lines of natural tones of the earth to keep that natural feeling alive. Enjoy the flower of the famous Puhutukawa tree anytime you wish whenever you use the jug.

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