Ceramic Triangle Koru plate – Bob Steiner

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Ceramic triangle Koru plate – Bob Steiner

Bob Steiner designs are well known for exhibiting New Zealand artistry through a rich collection of ceramics – which are always inspired by what Bob sees around him. These natural surroundings are diverse and unique as New Zealand has been isolated from the major land masses for millions of years. This has given rise to plants and animals which are endemic and allow an array of designs to be combined with modern art.

For the Maori people of New Zealand, the Koru has been a symbol of friendship, new life, strength and peace. Even Air New Zealand uses the Koru as it’s prime design and is easily recognisable worldwide. This excellent triangle plate has Koru waves on the top half giving an almost fluid look to an already unusually shaped plate.

Useful and artistic you may display or use this at the dinner table and it comes in six colours – for more similar works by Steiner please click here.

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