Ceramic Triangle Koru Plate - Large – Bob Steiner

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25 cm

Attractive triangular plate showcasing unique Maori designs

Bob Steiner - known for showing New Zealand's artistry with his rich collection of ceramics - inspired by Bob's suroundings. New Zealand's natural surroundings are unique, with many plants and animals being endemic (only found in New Zealand). This uniqueness is due to New Zealand being isolated from the rest fot he world for millions of years. Bob's inspiration of such plants and animals is clearly eveident in all of his recent ceramic pieces and can be purchased for your own collection or wondeful gift.

The Koru has been a symbol of friendship, new life, strength and peace for the Maori people of New Zealand. Often seen on Air New Zealand the Koru is it’s prime design usually located on the tail wing and is recognised worldwide. This triangle plate is decorated with Koru waves insisting a series of ocean waves flowing upward - a truly warm design available in six earth-tone colours. (Large 25cm).

Whether at the dinner table or on the mantelpiece this decorative plate will always look attractive in a natural way. For more unique designs from Bob please click here.

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