Limpet Wall Art – Bob Steiner

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Unique marine creatures for your wall 

Bob Steiner is a local Auckland designer and ceramic artist – well known for work which revolves around New Zealand’s native flora and fauna. It is Bob’s passion to recreate nature in an artistic way- show casing what New Zealand nature has to offer and why we should protect it. By letting others know the beauty that nature inspires through ceramics, we can all appreciate nature in our own homes by decorating our walls with calming ornaments.

This piece is a Limpet or intertidal line dweller – a cute and decorative conical shelled creature which almost mimics stucco plaster art of the 1950’s and 1960’s. This type of decoration was commonly found on internal walls of many homes around Auckland. Natural designs made in New Zealand and reformed by locals – makes a great souvenir, gift or addition to your home.

Available in six colours.

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