Oblong Kiwi Wall Ceramic – Bob Steiner

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Kiwis in the midst - ready to observe on your wall

Bob Steiner, a household name in creative art circles and collectors of useful ceramics, is constantly bringing out new ideas for decorating your home, office or business. Bob has a history of pottery work and now combines his skill with artistic design giving us timeless works which always incorporate some topic of New Zealand’s natural heritage or natural environment.

In this piece Bob showcases the Kiwi – New Zealand’s cutest endemic bird. The Kiwi often represents the people of New Zealand locally and abroad. This wall-art piece shows a Kiwi foraging in a forest somewhere among New Zealand’s vast forests and gives a 3d protrusion effect – adding a sense of being there.

For more works which relate to New Zealand’s plants and animals by Steiner Ceramics please click here.

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