Oblong Pohutukawa Flowers Ceramic Art – Bob Steiner

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Flower lovers take note - a wonderful floral ceramic ready to be purchased

Want to be different or have something on your wall that nobody has ever seen before ? well you can with Bob Steiner’s collection of unusual and sometimes daring ceramic sculptures. Tradionally a potter, Bob has been noted in recent times for his lovely reflection of New Zealand’s natural heritage. In doing this he can capture the icons and essence of modern and emerging New Zealand culture. Furthermore with an age old art of ceramic work you are using age old recipes which rarely go out of fashion.

This piece is boldly showing the Pohutukawa flower – an iconic tree found around New Zealand’s coastal shores. This tree is called the New Zealand Christmas tree due to it’s vibrant red flowers which bloom in spring and summer. The majestic Pohutukawa is also known to the local Maori people as ‘the chief’ because of it’s strength and beauty.

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