Oblong Tiki Wall Art – Bob Steiner

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Oblong Tiki wall art – Bob Steiner

Culture, history and environment, three intertwined elements which reflect the nature of ‘places’. Using these three points we turn to artworks which Bob Steiner of Auckland, New Zealand utilises so well. Bob takes his inspiration from anything distinctly New Zealand, whether plants, animals, cultures or local environments and presents them through his ceramic sculptures.

Originally a potter, Bob has successfully delved into contemporary takes on old arts. Bob uses what he sees around him whether far or wide and creates respectful items which are unique. In a world flooded with generic wares it is a pleasant change to buy something that is NOT mass produced. Hang this lovely ceramic on the wall at home, work or anywhere else you see fit. A bold Tiki (Maori) sculpture is well pronounced in this piece and comes in a range of six earthly colours.

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