Pohutukawa Cake Stand Medium – Bob Steiner

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Present that perfect cake - on this perfect stand

There is something special about ceramics by Bob Steiner – it must have something to do with unique array of plants, animals and culture he is exposed to by his environment. Much of Bob’s work reflects the flora and fauna which permeates the sphere of New Zealand. New Zealand’s range of wildlife is mostly endemic – due to it’s isolation from the rest of the world.

Bob, a traditional potter from Auckland has manged to merge tasteful ly decorated ceramics into his pottery making – resulting in practical artworks with a flare for nature. This eloquent cakestand is decorated with the very famous Pohutukawa flower. The Pohutukawa is also known as the New Zealand Christmas tree owing to it’s vibrant red flowers during summer. However the local people (Maori) have their own name which translates as ‘chief’ reflecting the tree’s capability to stand proud on cliff edges and coastal headlands.

Available in six colours.

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