Pohutukawa Platter Medium – Bob Steiner

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Perfect presentation dish for culinary delights

For Aucklanders, Bob Steiner  manages to strike the right balance of local nature with contemporary art. This collection is also useful around the home, shop or business and can be a great gift idea. Bob’s passion comes from the New Zealand environment as he uses what he sees locally to stimulate his designer instinct. This is why there are so many unusual ideas as the Flora and fauna in New Zealand is among some of the rarest in the world – this is owing to it’s isolation from the bulk of the world’s inhabitant and continents.

This medium platter (33x23 cm) is embossed with the famous Pohutukawa tree – otherwise known as New Zealand’s very own Christmas tree as it displays lovely red flowers in summer. The Pohutukawa is a highly regarded national icon in New Zealand while local Maori have the own name for the tree which translates as ‘chief’ as it can be seen precariously growing on cliffs and exteme peaks near the sea.

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