Square Plate Small with Maori Design – Bob Steiner

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Serve Sushi, cakes or finger foods in style

You can trust Bob Steiner to supply you with ceramics which not only stimulate your inner artist but impress you with modern designs yet classic works of art. Bob, traditionally a potter, has managed to merge his practical skills with his inner artist/ designer, resulting in lovely itmes for gifts, souvenirs, collections or just items for your home. This is of course exacerbated by his love for culture and nature unique to New Zealand.

The items Bob makes are mostly useful in the kitchen, dinning or even catering business – particulary gourmet restaurants with a flair for something different. However as these are works of art one can also diplay them or collect them for future generations. This unique small square plate is subtly decorated with Maori Koru symbols which stand for growth and peace.

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