Manaia Pendant - Greenstone - B76

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A Stunning Piece of Maori Art...

Carved from genuine New Zealand Pounamu (Greenstone).

The Manaia is the most widely used and developed element in Maori art. It is presented and contorted in innumerable ways, twisting and taking on an infinite variety of forms and filling an infinite variety of spaces. Yet the eye must always be present.

One interpretation of Manaia is that it is derived from the word mana (authority, influence, jurisdiction, and prestige). Manaia can mean to contain mana, or to cause something to have mana.

The Manaia is described in many ways. The word doubles as the word for lizard and some say it is a beaked and ornamental figure. Others say its origins are in the human profile, or that the Manaia relates to a distant avian (bird) cult. The bird is thought to be an omen-carrier or intermediary between man and the spirits.

The carver of this high quality product is certified by Creative New Zealand to display the ’Toi Iho’ mark. This authenticates the work as being a genuine New Zealand product carved by a Maori artist.

These products are individually handcrafted therefore the colour and markings may vary slightly.

Supplied with a draw-string bag.

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