Framed Maori Design Art - Hei Tiki - Large

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The word ’Tiki’ in Maori culture usually refers to carved human figures. The word ’Hei’ is said to mean ’to wear around ones neck’.

The Hei Tiki is thought to be a good luck charm when worn and in some areas is also regarded as a fertility symbol.

This stunning piece of art features a contemporary Maori design encased in a box frame with a glass cover. The Maori design of the Hei Tiki has been crafted from plantation grown gaboon using laser technology. It represents the look of a traditional Maori carving. This Wall Art features fine detail and eyecatching stunning paua inlays for effect.

This Art piece can either be wall or foot mounted. It comes packaged in a stylish and robust presentation box.

This stunning Maori Design Art makes a beautiful gift idea.

Aeon Giftware is proudly made right here in New Zealand. 

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