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65 mm

These striking Wooden Carvings are crafted from Genesis Kauri and feature Paua inlaid eyes or detail. Each Wood Carving is mounted on a black oval base (approximately 65mm high).

Choose from a range of Maori symbol designs such as:

  • Tiki
  • Manaia
  • Wheku
  • Matau (Hook)
  • Twist

The Tiki is a representation of a carved human figure and considered a symbol of fertility and a good luck charm.
The Manaia is considered to be the guardian especially of the sky, earth and sea and the carrier of supernatural powers
The Wheku is a carving of a head, as opposed to the Tiki which is the whole body.
The Matau is the Fish Hook which represents strength and prosperity and also safe travels over water.
The Twist is a Maori symbol representing the bonding of two people or cultures for eternity.

Choose your wood carving from the choice of designs and select from the drop down menu below.

These New Zealand Souvenirs make great corporate gifts or kiwiana gifts for that someone special living overseas.

Aeon Giftware is proudly made right here in Rotorua New Zealand. For more unique gifts and souvenirs browse our Related Products links below.


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