Triple Landscape - Tiki/Wheku/Manaia Paua Inlay - Aeon Giftware

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Bold, Powerful Maori Wood Carving Art!

Proudly hang this piece of art on your walls. This powerful piece of art features three popular carved Maori designs; the Tiki, the Wheku and the Manaia. The carvings feature super fine detail and paua inlays.                                                                  

  • The Tiki is a carving or representation of a human form. It is also believed to be a symbol of fertility as well.
  • The Manaia is a Maori spiritual creature that is said to be a spiritual guardian. The Manaia is believed to be a provider and protector over the sky, earth and sea.
  • The Wheku is a carving representing the human head as opposed to the Tiki which represents the body.

The Carvings are crafted from Genesis Kauri and mounted inside a custom glass covered shadow box. Each features a related story to tell on the back.

This beautiful piece of artwork is a great gift especially for an elder, a 21st, a wedding gift or more.



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Material: genesis kauri

Size: 280x161x26mm.

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