Unisex Koru Pendant- Bone carving (Small)

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The Koru is the Maori symbol of new beginnings, rebirth and growth.  Characterised by the ancient Maori proverb “Ka hinga atu he tete-kura – ka hara-mai he tete-kura”, meaning;

“As one fern frond dies- one is born to take its place”.

As life around us continuously changes, so too does nature. The restoration of balance in nature when a tree, a fern, or a flower dies, nature restores itself with new forms beginning to take shape, from what was, to what is becoming and to become.

Symbolising the growth of new beginnings, bone is reborn from the remains of what existed into a new form of existence and meaning.


The simplicity of the design is its beauty. These New Zealand crafted pieces come boxed, so you can send it as a gift, for someone experiencing new beginnings in their life or personal growth.

They’ll surely appreciate the thought and meaning behind the Koru, celebrate your loved ones growth and new beginnings with this beautiful piece by Dale Borland.

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