Thermal Bath Salts with Manuka leaf- Pure Source - 100g

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Skin tonic!

Restore the health of skin by soaking it in the reparative Thermal Bath Salts with Manuka Leaf by Pure Source. This aromatic bath salts contains a refreshing infusion that combines the salts from the mineral pools of New Zealand with the therapeutic properties of Manuka leaf. It works to replenish the mineral levels in our skin while supporting the regenerative process of skin cells.

The Thermal Bath Salts with Manuka Leaf is made from a combination of:

  • Salts from the mineral pools of New Zealand
  • Manuka leaf

Like the plant itself, the leaf of the native New Zealand Manuka tree possesses natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The Manuka tree and its various constituents are also renowned for their purported curative abilities. Used in the Pure Source Thermal Bath Salts, it will aid the natural renewal and repair process of our skin cells.

Manuka honey is then blended with the various salts that are found in the mineral pools of New Zealand. They work to smoothen out skin and to restore the mineral levels that are frequently out of balance due to overexposure.

Add the Thermal Bath Salts with Manuka Leaf to your warm bath to cleanse, relax and renew skin.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride; Magnesium Sulphate; Sodium Bicarbonate; Rotorua Thermal Mud; Sulphur, (Flowers of Sulphate); Copper Sulphate.

Directions: Mix one tablespoon to a bath filled with warm water.

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