Rotorua Mud Body Scrub - Pure Source- 150g

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Out with old, in with the new!

Scrub away dead skin cells and impurities with the Pure Source Rotorua Mud Body Scrub. This all over body exfoliator assists in detoxifying skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite and leaving it looking more radiant and youthful.



Pure Source Rotorua Mud Body Scrub contains:

  • Rotorua thermal mud
  • Ground walnut shells
  • Lavender

The central ingredient in this revitalizing body scrub is the geothermal mud sourced from the volcanic mud pools of Rotorua, New Zealand. This unique grey mud is employed for its revitalizing and therapeutic properties that is said to aid healing. As it is highly absorbent, it works to rid toxins by sinking deep into skin to nourish it with minerals and draw impurities to the surface. Thermal mud is also a natural cleansing anti-septic and will aid to control skin irritations caused by bacteria.

Rejuvenating thermal mud is blended with ground walnut shells and lavender oil to further improve the condition of skin. The walnut shells provide gentle exfoliation to sweep away dead skin cells and surface impurities. This is followed up by lavender oil that assists to calm skin and provide a gentle stress relieving fragrance.

Encourage beautiful skin with the Pure Source Rotorua Mud Body Scrub

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Dampen skin before application and massage well. Pay special attention to rough and dry patches. Rinse off in the bath or shower. Ideally use between 2-3 times per week.

Key Ingredients

Pure New Zealand spring water, Rotorua thermal mud, kaolin, fresh kiwifruit, glycerine, apricot kernel oil, ground almond shell, phenoxyethanol, grapefruit oil, lavender oil, grapefruit seed extract.

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