Solar X Balm - Naturally by Thrisha - 65g

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The Gardeners and Sunlovers Best Friend!

This natural hand made Solar X Balm is great for reducing solar keratosis and fading sun spots and age spots.

The plant extracts in this wonderful balm are packed with antioxidant activity and when used in conjunction with a regular intake of Vitamin A have been shown to work on sun damaged skin.

Use daily more than once on face, ears, back of hands and anywhere that catches the sun. This Balm is a must have for anyone who spends time in the sun.


  • After removal of Solar Keratosis
  • Shrinks Solar Keratosis
  • Fades Sun Spots/Age spots
  • Use on areas Prone to sun damage (ears, face, back of hands)





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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


Olive Oil, Beeswax, Tincture of Red Clover, Tincture of Violet, Tincture of Harakeke, Tincture of Cleavers, Tincture of Turmeric, Tincture of Walnut, Tincture of Burdock Root, Tincture of Kumarahou, Rose Light Essence.

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