Foot and Heel Balm - Neat Feat - 120g

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Give Your Sore Feet Effective Cracked Heel Repair

Why put up with the pain of dry cracked heels? Podiatrist recommended Foot and Heel Balm by Neat Feat will repair damaged dry heels and feet. It works by replenishing the natural urea in the feet, so you feel better. The Keratolytic properties of Neat Feat’s Foot and Heel Balm will help to remove the scaly and dry skin so your feet will look better as they feel better. The lanolin in Neat Feat’s Foot and Heel Balm works with the natural lipids in your skin to sooth and protect your feet, to help to prevent the rough and dry skin from returning.

Sore feet deserve some relief. New Zealand made Neat Feat’s Foot and Heel Balm will repair your heels so you can move on with your life.


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