Memories - Foaming Shower gel -linden leaves-200ml

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The Gift of Peace!

If you or someone you love has a hectic lifestyle with no time to relax and unwind, you will love the Linden Leaves Memories Shower Gel.

Ylang Ylang is known for its calming effects on the nervous system, offering a sense of relaxation and is also known as an aphrodisiac.

Linden Leaves have embraced the benefits of Ylang Ylang, with Rose and Geranium and have created the ’Memories’ range Foaming Shower Gel. This Shower Gel is a gentle cleansing shower gel in a luxurious blend of rose, geranium and ylang ylang, designed to enhance emotional wellbeing. What a beautiful way to start the day!

Lather against the skin with a face cloth, body buffer or the palm of the hand before rinsing. Linden Leaves Foaming Shower Gel is also free from parabens, mineral oil and sodium lauryl sulphate and ideal for daily use.

Browse the full range of luxurious skincare products by Linden Leaves, designed to nourish the skin and nurture the soul. Linden Leaves use essential oils and natural ingredients to achieve their beautiful skincare range. Experience it today!



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