Kawakawa Bath Soap With Manuka leaf - Pure Source - 100g

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Tone, calm and revive skin!

Kawakawa Bath Soap with Manuka Leaf by Pure Source is a fusion of ingredients that are native to New Zealand. It binds antioxidant Kawakawa with antiseptic Manuka leaf to cleanse, exfoliate and firm up tired skin.

The Pure Source Kawakawa Bath Soap with Manuka Leaf incorporates:

  • Kawakawa
  • Manuka leaf

Kawakawa is utilised in traditional Maori medicine to relieve bladder problems, pains, colds and to ease skin ailments. It is also a popular substitute for black pepper in cooking and its leaves are used to make the distinct Titoki Liqueur. Additionally, Kawakawa has an anti-inflammatory effect and will assist in easing minor skin ailments.

Manuka leaf is combined with Kawakawa to provide a deeply cleansing experience. Manuka leaf is a natural antiseptic and will aid to enhance the natural repair and renewal function of skin cells.

Let your skin experience the refreshing wholesomeness of the Pure Source Kawakawa Bath Soap with Manuka Leaf.

New Zealand Made

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Directions: Spread the soap throughout the body by gently rubbing it to form a lather. Can be used as frequently as desired.

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