Manuka Honey and Lavender Soap 75g - Nelson Honey

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Choose Honey Skin Care for Sensitive Skin!

Most beauty products are too harsh for use on sensitive skin. Choose honey skin care products like this Manuka Honey and Lavender Soap which won’t irritate your sensitive skin. This New Zealand Manuka Honey Soap with Lavender is suitable for even an infant’s sensitive skin, so you know it’s gentle. It’s designed to be safe for use by those with skin conditions, to make living with a skin condition that much easier.

Nelson Honey’s soothing Lavender Honey Soap is triple milled. Unlike some other soap, it’s naturally moisturizing, with a high level of glycerin and neutral pH level. Your skin will be left feeling cleansed, moisturized and lightly scented with honey and lavender. Whether you have sensitive skin, or just want a luxurious, moisturizing Lavender and Honey Soap, this luscious soap is perfect.

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