Manuka Honey Soap with Herbs 75g - Nelson Honey

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Soothe Problem Skin With Manuka Honey and Herbs!

Soothe your problem skin with this luscious Manuka Honey Soap with Herbs. With the goodness of New Zealand Manuka Honey and natural botanicals, it’s designed to gently help with your skin problems as it cleanses. Chamomile Flowers and Calendula soothe dry, chapped skin, while Rosemary Oil works to calm blemished, oily skin.

You’ll love how this Manuka Honey Soap with Herbs is different from most commercially produced herbal soaps. This Manuka Honey Soap with Herbs has high level of glycerin and a neutral pH so it’s naturally moisturizing. This herbal soap will leave your skin feeling clean and cared for and lightly scented with honey and herbs. Discover the benefits of honey skin care for yourself with Nelson Honey’s Manuka Honey Soap with Herbs.


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