New Zealand Royal Jelly & Manuka Honey Soap – Happy Valley – 100g

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Simple, luxurious & natural!

The New Zealand Royal Jelly & Manuka Honey Soap from Happy Valley is a nourishing mix of New Zealand Royal Jelly and Active 10+ Manuka honey. This loving soap not only cleanses skin, but thoroughly moisturises skin to leave it feeling refreshed and nourished.

Royal jelly is a substance produced by honey bees to feed their larvae and queen bee. It is a rich source of vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, proteins and trace minerals. This provides skin with essential nutrients to maintain its health and beauty.

Happy Valley only uses fresh royal jelly from Auckland, New Zealand in their products. These are harvested with as little human interaction as possible and are free of pesticides and other man made chemicals.

The soap is also enriched with Active 10+ Manuka honey from New Zealand. The native Manuka plant has long been used in a range of tradional Maori remedies. Its honey contains antibacterial and biological activity that are said to support the skin’s renewal process.

Cleanse and nourish skin with the New Zealand Royal Jelly & Manuka Soap from Happy Valley.

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