Cold Pressed Almond Oil - healtheries-200ml

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Cold Pressed Almond Oil - Healtheries - 200ml

The Oil That Almost Does it All!

Yes Almond Oil is wonderful for salad dressings but did you also know this natural oil has excellent properties for skincare, health and haircare as well.

Almond Oil has excellent emollient properties, and the ability to balance the skin’s moisture and pH levels, making it an especially good choice for helping with chapped, rough or dry skin. It is ideal to also use as a make up remover and massage oil. Parents will definitely love Almond oil to help with Cradle Cap as well.

Almond Oil is used to help address crow’s feet and dark circles and it is said that Almond oil can help to refine skin structure, reduce pore size, help reduce and eliminate blackheads and improve the complexion. It can also be helpful in cases of mild acne.

Almond oil is also fabulous for a natural hair treatment to help repair dry, damaged hair. It adds shine and strengthens while also preventing hair loss and helping to promote new growth.

Almond Oil is high in monosaturated fatty acids. Almonds also contain high amounts of vitamin E, vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium which can also be of benefit to your health and its list of possible claimed benefits include; helping to improve digestion, laxative action, enhancing memory and nourishing brain function, and helping to soothe burns, sun burns, itches, sores, rashes and bruises.

Healtheries Cold Pressed Almond Oil has been extracted from shelled Sweet Almond kernels. The Cold Pressing process ensures that the Oil retains the nutrients and delicate flavour.

Product of New Zealand.


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Ingredients: Almond Oil (100%)

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