Kiwifruit Facial Moisturiser with SPF 15+ - Wild Ferns - 75ml

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Invigorate your skin!

New Zealand Kiwifruit is high in Vitamins, Minerals and Omega 3 which are all wonderful for your skin! Kiwifruit contain high levels of vitamin E to optimise skin moisture and also antioxidants to protect from the harsh environment.

This Kiwifruit Face Moisturiser is a highly moisturising cream that with regular use will prevent moisture loss and speed up the cell renewal process while leaving the skin soft and silky and improving the texture of the outer layer.

This gorgeous body beauty and skincare range is proudly made in New Zealand.

Shop online to see more of the New Zealand Kiwifruit Skincare range like Body Butters, Facial Wash and Body Washes, all created with the benefits of Kiwifruit.



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