Lanolin Hair Tonic - Pure Source - 63ml

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Discover the perfect Hair treatment for your hair!

Lanolin has been used as a key ingredient in skin and hair products for centuries. Its waxy texture provides a perfect protection for our hair. It is also a natural moisturiser that can penetrate the shaft of hair, nourishes damaged hair.

Lanolin Hair Tonic is a very light fragrant gel and it is non-greasy. It has been blended with high quality silicones which help strengthen and repair the hair, leave your hair looking soft, healthy and glossy shine.

It is suitable for all hair types and all ages, it can be used daily to help nourish, protect and condition the hair.

Dry Hair,  Damaged Hair, Lifeless Hair, Unmanageable Hair? All need to go!

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

Ingredients: Lanolin, Cyclomethicone/Dimethiconol, Fragrance

Direction:  Spread just 2 – 3 droplets evenly (more or less depending on the hair length) through dry hair. Use daily to help nourish and condition.

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