Shampoo With Colloidal Silver + Lemongrass - 250ml

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Sulphate and Paraben Free Haircare!

This Skybright Natural Health Shampoo is free from all Parabens and Sodium Laurel Sulphate, but still has an excellent cleansing, conditioning, tangle free and nourishing ability. To these formulations Skybright added their own True Colloidal Silver to give them the added ability to help rid the scalp of infection, dandruff or itchiness if they are present. All of the ingredients are derived from vegetable or plant extracts and are G.E. free.

Shampoo’s should not judged by the amount of foam that they create as this is normally caused by a chemical foaming agent and does not relate to the ability of the shampoo to clean and nourish your hair. The true test of shampoo is the condition of the hair and scalp after you have used it for a reasonable length of time. Only a small amount of this concentrated shampoo is required to achieve benefits of colloidal silver.

The shampoo is suitable for frequent use. It is also safe to use on baby’s hair.

Skybright Natural Health insist that only the very highest quality ingredients are used in any of their products, even if this means that the product may cost a little more to purchase. Quality will never be compromised, so you can be assured that this shampoo is made to the very highest standards.



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