Kabuki Brush- Living Nature

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Living Nature’s blending Kabuki Brush is your answer to an evenly and effortless application of all-over makeup product. Designed for most skin types, its full-sized brushtip provides adequate coverage for even the densest of skin types.

Paired with Living Nature’s famed Summer Bronzed Pressed Powder, this bold brush offers an evenly distributed skin tone, and a succulently sun-kissed radiance without the chemical aftermath or occurring skin damage.


-The vegetarian-friendly accessory brush is made with high quality artificial bristles and a generously sized wooden handle.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


For a smooth, flawless finish, move the brush around the Living Nature powder foundation in a circular direction, tap off any excess, then apply in a fast, small circular motion to the face.


To maintain perfect application and increase the longevity of your brush, gently clean regularly with your favourite Living Nature cleanser or shampoo. Regular brush cleaning is also an important step in a healthy skincare routine.

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