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Living Nature’s certified organic Kekebaby Gift Pack includes one of each product from the Kekebaby range and also a branded certified organic 0-3 months cotton beanie. The Kekebaby gift pack is presented in a neutral coloured cotton bag with a drawstring and handles. The Kekebaby range is clinically tested and dermatologist evaluated ensuring suitability for sensitive skins.

Pack Includes:

  • Kekebaby Bubble Bath 100ml
  • Kekebaby Body & Hair Wash 100ml
  • Kekebaby Body Lotion 100ml
  • Kekebaby Massage Oil 100ml
  • Kekebaby Barrier Balm 45g
  • Branded certified organic 0-3 month cotton beanie.

‘Kekebaby is a certified organic skincare range for babies and toddlers. Made with love, care and the finest ingredients from mother nature, naturally nurture the little humans in your life with safe, gentle, organic skincare products made in New Zealand. 

Suitable for newborns and up.

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Ingredients/Directions to use: 


  • Kekebaby Bubble Bath

To use: Dispense a small amount directly under warm, running water. Lather further with hands if desired for extra bubbles.


  • Kekebaby Body & Hair Wash

To use: Apply a small amount to hands and gently lather over baby’s body and head while in the bath, gently rinse off. 

Can be used by adults suffering from irritant skin conditions as a wash.

  • Kekebaby Body Lotion

To use: warm a small amount between your hands and gently massage into baby’s skin. For best results use after bathing, but can be used at any time.

Can be used by adults with sensitive skin.

  • Kekebaby Massage Oil

To use: warm a few drops between hands and gently massage baby, after bathing baby is a preferable time.

This product is great for adult massage too, especially pre & post pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks.

  • Kekebaby Barrier Balm

To use: apply a small (pea sized) amount to baby’s clean, dry bottom at nappy change time. Only a thin layer is needed.

If baby already has irritation you can use the Kekebaby Barrier Balm to help soothe skin. For additional soothing combine with Kekebaby Massage Oil.

Kekebaby Barrier Balm can also be used by mum’s to help soothe cracking & sore nipples (wipe nipples clean prior to breast feeding and re-apply).