Boaties' Tales

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Boaties’ Tales
By Peter Jessup
Boaties’ Tales is a collection of weird, wonderful and often hilarious stories about man’sobsession with staying afloat – whether it’s aboard a yacht,supertanker, fishing trawler orin the humble dinghy.
Author and veteran journalist Peter Jessup shares a lifetime of boating yarns from NewZealand, where he lives, and afar.
Learn about the worst (and most unusual) shipping disasters; the world’s fastest, biggestand most expensive boats, and enjoy some stories that will simply make you laugh.
They say the happiest two days of a boat-owner’s life are the days he (or she) buys a boat –
and the day they sell it.
This collection of stories reminds us all why that’s the case!
Hardback, 192 pages
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