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A Sign of the Friendly Kiwi Spirit

New Zealanders are well known for their friendly spirit, which Welcome to New Zealand celebrates. This book is filled with over 350 gorgeous photographs of the ‘Welcome’ signs which greet visitors as they enter towns around New Zealand, and has received rave reviews from critics.

Welcome to New Zealand is the result of a 15,000km road trip throughout New Zealand undertaken by Josh Easby in to mark the 40th anniversary of his immigration to New Zealand. Not every New Zealand town features in the book, but those that do are bursting with personality. The names of some towns will come as a surprise even to many New Zealanders: Nightcaps, Taylor’s Mistake and Pleasant Point. How towns describe themselves to visitors says a lot about them and the people who live in them. There’s the Sheep Shearing Capital of the World, Te Kuiti; Wellington, Capital of Nuclear Free New Zealand and Opiki, the Number 1 Potato Growing Area. Along the way, there are glimpses of beautiful New Zealand scenery half-hidden behind the Welcome sign.

Some Welcome signs are new, others old or damaged. Some of them greet visitors in Maori with a cheerful Kia Ora. The one thing they all have in common is that they extend a welcome to visitors from around the world.

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