Green Guide to Beauty

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The Green Guide to Beauty
By Tania Malone
Choosing the right beauty care products can be frustrating and confusing, especially if you
want the most natural ways to look your best.
This handy New Zealand guide is packed with user–friendly tips for beauty products that are
kind to the earth as well as our bodies. Edited by leading beauty writer Tania George, every
page reveals easy ways to look your best.
It’s jam-packed with handy, practical tips and tricks providing its readers with a range of
beauty secrets and remedies that are available with nature, and can easily be whipped up in
the kitchen with a little natural know-how.
Designed with women in mind, all of the tips are user–friendly, containing ingredients and
products easily found and inexpensive to buy.
The Green Guide to Beauty features tips on many beauty-related fields, including hair care,
skincare, make–up enhancers, DIY beauty recipes and body care tips.
Hardback, 112 pages
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