Shock Top ® Women's PRO Sports Bra

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This Pro Bra was developed for the NZ Women’s Rugby team in their lead-up to the Barcelona Women’s Rugby World cup (which they won).
The mission was to design a bra that gave them excellent comfort, support and state-of-the art performance in the hot and humid conditions that they were facing, without the discomfort, heat, and sweat that their other bras were causing.
The best women in their field of occupational therapy, custom bra design, Physiotherapy were commissioned to come up with the prototypes. The bra was tested and modified with continual feedback from the New Zealand women’s rugby team. The result is the Shock Top® PRO Sports Bra.

This Pro Bra is the incorporation of the best design idea’s, workmanship, materials and proven in the harshest conditions and is available in the market today.
Tested and approved by the toughest sportswomen, NZ women’s rugby world champions!

Who wears it?
Ideally suited for the fuller figure and/or high intensity sports; running, rugby, soccer, horse riding, hockey.

What’s it made of?
Two specialised moisture management fabrics from Tactel® (the best form of Lycra available) providing superb support, comfort, breath ability, and elastic stretch and with a fantastic memory and durability.

Elastic division between the bust gives differential and natural support unlike the basic (croptop) products.

Why is the stitching on the outside?
This was done so that all the seams are away from the body! No chance of rubbing, chafing in wet weather!! A very simple idea that no one else has figured out yet!

What’s the idea behind shoulder straps?
A specialised shoulder strap was designed unique to Shock Top® sports bra. It incorporates variable flex within the fabric along different stages of the strap, and extra width to minimise the pressure points on the shoulder, but at the same time provide the firm support and comfort required when exercising. This along with the multiple layers of moisture management Tactel® and the stitching to the outside (no chafing) provides the wearer with comfort and performance.

Why the wide elastic band?
This provides a lower surface area pressure to the skin giving exceptional performance in comfort and support without cutting into the wearer by spreading the same pressure over a wider area.

What are the design points?
* Designed by Experts: Occupational therapist, bra designer, physiotherapist to give exceptional support and comfort.
* Total MMF (moisture management fabrics).
* Wide internally stabilised straps.
* Wide underbust support.
* External seams eliminate irritation.
* Super firm support - forget the underwire.
* The best materials available means long wear and QUALITY. This bra is designed to last a long time but retain its shape and performance qualities.
* Exceptional comfort at all performance levels.
* Designed with, and worn by the World Champion NZ Women’s Rugby Team.
* 100% New Zealand Made.
These are being used in the in the toughest competitions in the world and are exceeding player expectations! The highest quality materials available were used in the making of the Shock Top ® Women’s PRO Sports Bra. The best most resilient Lycra so that the stretch memory, breathes ability, and wear resistance is the highest possible available. All manufacture is done in New Zealand.

You are paying for quality it’s as simple as that.

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