Gloves Without Patch - Possumdown

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Possum is Pure Pleasure to Wear!

Soft and luxurious, Possum fur and Merino wool make the perfect combination for a truly sophisticated garment. These Gloves are the perfect Winter Gloves for warmth, comfort and durabilty.

Gloves Sizes:

  • Small (S) = Length: 22 cm Width: 11cm
  • Medium (M) = Length: 23cm Width: 12cm
  • Large (L) = Length: 26cm Width: 12cm
  • Extra Large (XL) = Length: 28cm Width: 12cm

Available in Colors: Black and Natural. Please make your selection from the drop down menu below.


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Ingredients/Directions to use: 

40% Possum fur, 50% New Zealand Merino wool, 10% Nylon.

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