Outdoor Socks - Bushmans Sock - Possumdown

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The Perfect Wool Socks for the Great Outdoors!

These Possumdown Merino Wool Socks are the perfect choice for the great outdoors. Whether you’re taking a day trip or are slightly more adventurous these Outdoor Socks will keep your feet comfy all day long.

Natural fibers are the natural choice for your feet. These Possumdown Outdoor Socks have a cushioned sole for added comfort.

This Possumdown garment is made with a blend of New Zealand Merino Wool and Possum Fur. Merino Wool is lighter and stronger than many other types of wool, and Possum Fur is uniquely insulating. The Possumdown blend is warm, soft, light and strong to keep you feeling cozy. Tests demonstrate that Possumdown wears better than most comparable cashmere garments so you know you’re choosing a quality product which will last.

Colors Avalible: Riverstone, Denim and Olive
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US 2-5 6-8 9-10 11-13
UK ½ - 4 ½ ½ - 7 ½ ½ - 9 ½ 10 ½- 12 ½
EUR 33 ½ - 37 38-41 42-44 45-46 ½


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