Fern Sheepskin Scuff Slippers

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Take Home Warm and Cozy Sheepskin Slippers!

With Sheepskin Scuffs this warm and cozy, you’ll never want to take them off! These Sheepskin Scuffs from  New Zealand, the Fern. Choose these stylish scuffs and choose to have warm feet, all year round.

Genuine sheepskin allows your feet to breathe, so they self-regulate to the correct temperature, wherever you wear them. The inside of these Fern Sheepskin Scuffs are lined with fine, dense wool which cradles your foot, giving you support without uncomfortable pressure points. The thick soles ensure grip and stability and give you the comfort of knowing that these Sheepskin Scuffs will last and last. Classic Sheepskin Scuffs are a wonderful and practical souvenir of New Zealand and an essential piece for your own wardrobe.

Your feet carry you everywhere. At the end of a long hard day, they deserve a treat as much as you do. Wrap them up in warm and cozy Fern Sheepskin Scuffs.

Footwear Size Chart

Size Foot (Millimeters)
S 220-240 mm
M 240-250 mm
L 250-260 mm
XL 260-270 mm

Please note that the centimeter measurement above is the measurement of your foot.

We would like to send you the correct size, first time. To help us with this we recommend that you follow the directions below.

  • Gently place the back of your heel on a wall.
  • Place a ruler or tape measure under your foot and measure your foot from the heel to the end of the longest toe.
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